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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and need some capital, fill out our online application and start the process today! No long waits, no uncertainty, just reliable, professional, and fast business financing for enterprises of all sizes and all sectors in Toronto. From entrepreneurs to large-scale conglomerates, all are welcome to apply and achieve optimum business growth in less time than expected. If it’s time for your business to level up, apply online with us and experience limitless potential with our easy-to-access business funding.

Our Canadian Business Loans

If your Canadian business has been operating for at least 18 months, you can likely be approved for a business loan. Each application is handled independently. You’ll be surprised at how easy our process is.

At Rapid Finance, we bring pride back into running your own business. With over 50 years of experience helping business owners with fast business loans in Montreal, we’ve had the opportunity to meet many people in all sectors, each with unique business challenges to overcome. We have seen how financial obstacles and lengthy loan applications can leave people feeling demotivated and ready to give up on their business goals.

Our strategy in response to this has been to position ourselves as a pioneer and partner to business owners by supporting them with fast business financing whenever the need arises for a quick business loan in Toronto. This is because your business’s success is our priority. So put your trust in Rapid Financing for professional, personalized customer service and a team that wants you to succeed as much as you do.

Apply for a quick business loan with Rapid Finance and receive these benefits: 

  • You do not have to meet a specific credit score to get approved for your unregistered business loan;
  • The application process can take between 24 to 48 hours;
  • Once you are approved, you can get your funds within 24 hours;
  • Loans are reimbursed weekly & terms vary, generally between
    18 weeks to 14 months;
  • Need additional financing on top of your existing loan from a traditional lender?
    We can do that too;
  • 100% confidential & professional service.


In need of more information? Our highly qualified team is on standby to talk with you about your quick business loan in Montreal and Toronto. Feel free to share your backstory with us; tell us about how your business began, your vision and your current challenges. We love sharing your growth experience and will happily offer our expert financial advice and take you through the application for a fast business loan. If you have any questions about your eligibility or our application and approval process, submit your queries here, and our friendly team will get back to you.

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